Game of the Week Re-enactment: Yankees @ Red Sox, July 15, 2005

Editor's Note: When they're not providing colour commentary for many of the world's most prestigious bicycle races, Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin like nothing better than to relax with the grand old game of baseball. Recently, they took a short break from working the Tour de France to watch Boston and New York mix it up in Fenway Park. Here are some excerpts from their live chatroom commentary -- an exclusive to Yard Work!

AllKillerNoPhiller: What a storied rivalry we have here.

WeAllPaulter: Yankees vs Red Sox. It doesn't get any bigger than this. The Queen rivalry of baseball.

AllKillerNoPhiller: Who are you keeping an eye on tonight?

WeAllPaulter: Keep an eye on the sloppily-tucked, red-and-white jersey of David Wells. He struggled in recent starts but he's always dangerous.

AllKillerNoPhiller: We're underway now and Boston is at it again! What a turn of events.

WeAllPaulter: It is a spectacular turn of events and I'm not sure if anyone expected to see the Yankees in trouble so early.

AllKillerNoPhiller: The advantage is now three runs.

WeAllPaulter: Three runs can evaporate quickly once these Yankee boys decide to start chasing down that lead. We'll see how long the Yankees let them stay away.

AllKillerNoPhiller: And now here's Hideki Matsui. The ball is on the ground but look out for the white jersey of Mark Bellhorn he's got the ball and here's his teammate Millar who will leadout for the throw Matsui is headed down the line toward the base this is going to be a desperate finish Millar has his foot right on the bag he's not going to take it off the throw is in Matsui is racing for the finish the ball is on its way to Millar and he's got it Matsui is out just pipped at the base by the throw from Bellhorn what a great victory that was.

WeAllPaulter: It surely was, what a great explosive finish on the throw from Bellhorn, with Millar barely reaching the bag in time.

AllKillerNoPhiller: Matsui has to settle for second place. Now here is Trot Nixon and he gets the WOAH Cabrera is down Cabrera has crashed!

WeAllPaulter: He has crashed but he looks to be all right.

AllKillerNoPhiller: Now Nixon is steaming around the bases, how is he doing it Paul?

WeAllPaulter: I don't know how he's doing it, he's at second base but his legs are absolutely screaming in pain. The determination is etched on his face and you know that his body is telling him to stop but his mind won't let him.

AllKillerNoPhiller: He's at third now. Can he possibly make it through all four bases?

WeAllPaulter: I think he can, the throw isn't on its way yet. This is absolute torture for Trot Nixon. He's reaching deep into his suitcase of courage with this one.

AllKillerNoPhiller: And he's home safely, what a sprint by Trot Nixon and the advantage is now eight runs!

WeAllPaulter: It's still early, but eight runs is a big advantage at this stage of the game. I don't know if the Yankees can bring this one back.

AllKillerNoPhiller: Jason Giambi was just hit by a pitch. Hats off to him for that, but sadly, he's never regained the form he had when he was playing in Oakland.

WeAllPaulter: He's a fine supporting player but his superstar days as part of the action are over. He's playing in his own personal purgatory.

AllKillerNoPhiller: Right you are, and now the lead has been stretched to eleven runs. I'm starting to think that these boys can stay away, Paul.

WeAllPaulter: It will require a monumental effort by the Yankees to bring this one back. We're already halfway through the game and I think the Yankees have left the chase too late.

AllKillerNoPhiller: David Wells is now in a spot of trouble, he's got two men on in the sixth. I can't believe he's still out there.

WeAllPaulter: He's pitching on fumes now, going on nothing but courage, sheer courage. His left arm is exploding right now, it's telling him to stop, but he won't do it. But he wants to win. It will take all his energy, all the reserves that he has left.

AllKillerNoPhiller: They'll have to watch out for the man wearing number 34, David Ortiz. He's launched a ball toward the stands and it's out, it's out! 17-1 Red Sox and I think Boston is going to take this one. They broke away in the first and nobody has been able to catch them.

WeAllPaulter: It will be a great victory for the Red Sox, the 8313th victory in their storied career. The Yankees, however, are experiencing pure agony. They have to finish the game in their own personal hell.

AllKillerNoPhiller: And David Wells is still out there!

WeAllPaulter: He's putting his body through utter torture. His left arm has to be screaming in pain, it's saying "please, enough, I've had enough" but still he presses on.

AllKillerNoPhiller: Finally, Wells steps aside in the eighth, he's given all he can for the team, now his work is done for the day.

WeAllPaulter: It was seven innings of absolutely excruciating pain and agony for his body. He's gone through nothing but torment and debilitating, nightmarish suffering. But now it's over, and the Red Sox look they'll be able to hold off until the end.

AllKillerNoPhiller: Tino Martinez lines out to end it, victory belongs to Boston, what a performance!

WeAllPaulter: It certainly was.


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