Pacific League Roundup

Hey boys, just checking in from the land of the rising sun, or, as I like to put it, the land of the risingest win percentage of the smartest gaijin skipper on this damn island. We're 18-8 and have the best record in Japan -- what did I tell you, give me the wheel and I can make even the most broken down jalopy drive like a Benz.

Glad to see you're getting up on this new technology, we've been using blogs all season, to check out good restaurants on the road, compare new notes on bats and gloves, etc. check us out at: chibalottemarines.blogspot.com

These Chiba guys are great -- fantastic work ethic. We've got six or seven that are a lock for the All-Star team. Plus I've got Tony Batista and Jolbert Cabrera to pal around with. Talk about a pure game over here!

How about those Metropolitains, huh? See what happens when the Wilpons finally take my advice and open up the wallet?

So, Kruky, can't say the show's gotten smarter since I left, you knucklehead, but at least you're keeping things handsome.



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Blogger Brushback said...

Wow, you actually found a photo of Bobby wearing his one decent suit.

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