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Hawk here.

Just a quick note of entry before I hit the links on this wickedly chilly Windy City afternoon. I must admit it's an honor to be in the company of such distinguished gentlemen and I hope to not plug up too much of this precious space with my own thoughts.

Within the next couple weeks or so I hope to post a list of my favorite medallions in the business of rap music. I was recently stuck in a Detroit hotel room one night with a TV that only had two channels, BET and Skinemax. Now I'm a family man, so I naturally chose the former. More than anything I was impressed by a lot of the neckwear I saw, so DJ suggested I make a list of my favorites. Some of you older readers might recall that I had some flashy neckwear of my own in the sixties. I was pretty hip, Nehru jackets, long flowing locks, the whole nine yards. And I'd like to think that I'm still pretty with it. Don't let DJ or any of my family members tell you any different!

So look for that list in the near future. Alright, folks.

Belated condolences go out to the Tigers, not only for dropping a recent three-game series to the Ozzieballin' Good Guys, but also for losing Ozzie hating Magglio Ordonez for so long. Ouch. Grab one bench, Maggs.


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