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Hey baseball fans, I just wanted to take a few minutes to welcome everyone to this blog of ours. I'm just as proud to be a member of the Baseball Tonight crew as I am of leading American League second basemen in games started, total chances, putouts, assists and double plays back in 1987. Sometimes it pays to show up! Here on this site we'll get more in-depth than we can on the show. We'll talk about why some teams are winning, why some are losing and Peter will even get a chance to rap with you about that God awful music he's always playing to get pumped up before broadcasts. It's called "soul," Peter! Get one! Haha. Anyway, we're as excited about this new venture as I was when I made the all-star teams in 1987 and 1988!

One final thing before I go: keep an eye out for Baseball Bunch, this new TV show I'm doing with my good friend the Phillie Phanatic. It's like Sesame Street set on the field of dreams, with superstar guests like Jose Lima and Bobcat Goldthwait stopping by to add their insights into the game. I'm nervous and excited about Baseball Bunch — kinda like how I felt back when I was picked second overall in the 1980 draft! And we all know how that turned out! Keep coming back for more from the HR Department! Ha!


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