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Good evening sports fans, and welcome to a special edition of Rank Index on Yard Work, your online baseball home. The 2005 season is a quarter of the way through, and it's shaping up to be the best year for baseball since 2004. And oh what a year that was — comebacks, chokes and milestones, oh my!

The great thing about this game of ours is that every moment presents an opportunity. Each pitch can become a strikeout or, just as easily, a home run. It's what's kept me in the booth every Sunday night, and it's what keeps all of you tuning in. But let's get to it: here's the first of my takes on the 2005 season so far, starting with the AL East.


Baltimore Orioles — The most potent offense outside of Coors Field, this team is loaded with talent. But it's the bats that have been the story, as youngsters like Bruce Chen have opposing hitters doing the crab walk back to the dugout with a K in their claw. A+

Boston Red Sox — The defending champs (who would of thought New England would ever say that again?) look to repeat in 2004, including a number of Sunday Night appearances against the dreaded Yankees. They're number one until they're not. A+

New York Yankees — It wouldn't be baseball without these two neck and neck. Who can forget A-Rod's three home-run game? And wow, what a pitching staff! Proven vets like Randy Johnson, Mike Mussina and Kevin Brown alongside young phenoms Carl Pavano, Jaret Wright and Wang — you've gotta be kidding me! A+

Tampa Bay Devil Rays — Lou Piniella and the Devil Rays staff must get dizzy watching these youngsters fly around the bases every night. Nobody wants to face these legs in the playoffs! A+

Toronto Blue Jays — Carlos who? The swingin' Jays don't have Toronto blue anymore, because the city won't be holding its breath for the playoffs much longer. Gregg Zaun and Gustavo Chacin will have them there faster than a Toronto minute. A+

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