Pardon the interruption, but I'm Mike Wilbon, and when I heard that my boys at Baseball Tonight were starting a blog, I just had to pay a visit and help get things off the ground.

Coincidentally, the Krukker touched on some points that I addressed on my show a couple of days ago. First, let's talk about Roger Clemens -- only one win in his first four starts. It's almost May, and the great Roger Clemens has only won once. This is the same guy who started 14-0 for the 1986 Red Sox and 11-0 for the 1997 Blue Jays. He's the only pitcher ever to start a season 20-1. And now, at 47 years old or however old he is, you're telling me he's got just one win at this point in the season? It's safe to say that this is not the way Roger Clemens wanted to start the year. He's been a winner for his entire career. He's a first ballot Hall of Famer, but age may have finally caught up to him.

Then you've got -- my boy!! -- Ozzie Guillen and the Chicago White Sox. BABY BULLS! BABY BULLS!! Sorry, I had to throw that in there. You knew I would. Anyhow, back to the Sox and their amazing start -- the best start in team history. Every night, the Sox are putting on a clinic on how to play winning baseball. They're doing it the old fashioned way, with small ball and pitching. Of the top 10 AL ERA leaders, three of them play for the Sox. Now that's a dominant pitching staff. Yes, it's a great time to be a sports fan in Chicago, first with the resurgent BABY BULLS and now with the White Sox.

Best of luck to all my boys at Baseball Tonight with their new blog. All right, the Bulls-Wizards game is about to start, so I'll see you knuckleheads later. Until then, BABY BULLS BABY BULLS BABY BULLS!!


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very solid, but a wilbon column that doesn't mention michael jordan isn't quite believable

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