Week Five

The White Sox continue their winning ways, big trouble in the Bronx, and the feel-good saga of the surprising Milwaukee Brewers -- all in Week Five of the MLB season!

The White Sox have the best record in the majors, in large part due to outstanding pitching. So far, Jon Garland's year falls between great and Somewhere Over the Rainbow with his perfect 6-0 record. Right behind him are Mark "Mother of" Buehrle and Freddy Garcia "And Cake" with four wins apiece. How long can they keep up their level of play?

Shocking lineup moves in the Bronx have resulted in the apparent benching of Bernie "Deep in the Hoopla" Williams, with Godzilla Matsui taking his place in center, and Tony "Fleetwood" Womack taking Matsui's place in left. Can the Yankees possibly rebound from last place in the AL East? Or is this the end of the Yankee dynasty once and for all?

The Brewers shocked the baseball world last week by winning seven straight and vaulting to within three-and-a-half of the mighty Cardinals. And they've done it without injured ace Ben "Shake the" Sheets. Can the hitting of Carlos "Lobos" Lee and Lyle "Shakin' All" Overbay help carry them to the top in the NL?

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Blogger Jim said...

Please go back to football and leave our sport alone. Take your stupid nicknames and stay away from baseball. Please.

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Blogger Jim said...

Did you retire yet? Please say yes.....PLEASE!!!!!

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