Sunday Night Baseball Preview

We originally planned to feature an exclusive Sunday Night Baseball preview with Joe Morgan and Jon Miller. However, unforseen to those of us at Yard Work, we ran into Anna Benson in the Yankee Stadium press box and were unable to resist her charms! Model, actress, mother, and socialite, Anna always has time for interacting with her fans. On the afternoon of husband Kris' start against the Bronx Bombers, Anna offered her own unique Sunday Night Baseball preview.

The "Bronx Bombers"? I don't know about that, but I'm getting bombed in the Bronx right now! I'm already on my fourth cosmopolitan and the game doesn't start for more than three hours! That's OK, because Kris doesn't drink on the days he pitches so I have to drink for the both of us. But after Kris gets his win, we can get smashed together, go home and screw each other's brains out!

We're always very busy on the days Kris pitches. We woke up early today and I was feeling a little horny but my husband has a strict "no sex" rule on the days he pitches because he doesn't want to tire himself out. So I had to take my neck massager and disappear into the bathroom for a while! Ooooh! By the time I was finished, Kris was having breakfast with the kids.

He left the house at around ten and went to the stadium to work out and go over the Yankee hitters with his coaches. I don't really understand those pitching charts. I keep telling him that he should keep it simple and pitch everybody the same way. When he pitches to me in bed, he always throws the hard heat inside. If it works for him in the bedroom, then why shouldn't it also work on the baseball diamond?

Since we had a few hours to kill, I took the kids downtown and we spent a whole load of Daddy's money. I don't even remember what we spent it on, because I had two Manhattans with my lunch. Get it? We were in Manhattan, so I drank Manhattans! I think I bought the 4" heels that I'm wearing right now. After shopping we all came to the ballpark. Last I saw the kids, they were climbing all over the man at the soda machine and were drinking Dr. Pepper like it was water. I think they've gone to run around on the field now. They get so excited when their Daddy pitches!

I guess I should say something about the Yankees. Both the Yankees and the Mets have won 37 games this year, which means the winner of tonight's game will be the champion of New York! Friday was a great game with all the "who's your Daddy" chants. Pedro showed them who the real Daddy was. Pedro is the Big Daddy. He might have been the little Daddy when he played in Boston, but he's the Big Daddy now. He's bigger than ever. Of course, I only have one Big Daddy and that's my man. When I'm bad, I get sent to my room and my Big Daddy gives me a spanking!

Tonight, Kris is pitching against "The Big Unit". Haha, I know what you're thinking, but even I won't make a joke about that -- my mouth isn't that foul! It's a very important game, but I have all the confidence in the world in my man. But no matter what happens, even if he doesn't beat Randy Johnson, I'll be randy for beating his johnson once we get home!

Enjoy the game! I know I will!


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