Public Service Announcement

Good afternoon fans, I'm Reggie Jackson, one of baseball's all-time greatest home run hitters, but you probably know me better as Mr. October. I'd like to thank the editors of the BBTN blog for inviting me to discuss a matter of utmost importance that is facing the game of baseball. This is about more than just winning and losing, or big market teams vs small market teams, and it might even be more important than having reliable fire insurance. This is about the very fabric of the game itself.

Ballplayers are always looking for a little something more, that extra edge, something to boost their performance on the field. I was instrumental in pioneering this practice over thirty years ago when I was winning championships with the A's and Yankees. Without it, I would have been far less successful as a ballplayer, there's no doubt about that. I hit 563 home runs during my storybook career and I would have hit a lot less had I not had that extra edge. But due to recent developments, this practice is in serious danger of being eliminated from the game, and it should that come to pass, it would be a crushing blow to everyone who plays the game of baseball. It would significantly affect the integrity of the game and we must not allow that to happen.

Of course, you all know what I'm talking about -- the terrible sunflower seed shortage of 2005. Prominent newspapers such as The Washington Post have picked up on this story and are giving it the attention it richly deserves, but it is not enough. If you love baseball as much as I love my automobile collection, then I urge you to write to your local baseball team and your congressman and voice your opinion. Something needs to be done and a solution must be found before it is too late.

Thanks for reading, and I'll be signing autographs for $125 a pop at the Taladega Card and Collectables Show this Saturday from 2-4 PM. Once more, I'm only there until 4 PM so don't be late because I won't stay a minute longer.


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