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In honor of Oh Say Can You Sing, the excellent collection of songs recorded by such baseball stars as Sean Casey, Jeff Conine, Coco Crisp, Jimmy Rollins and Omar Vizquel out Tuesday, iTunes asked me to submit a celebrity playlist of my favorite songs. Here's a sneak peak at my selections.

Dropkick Murphys, "Tessie" (Track 1): "I've been lucky enough to play with the Murphys at my Hot Stove, Cool Music charity concert, and live they're a grand slam. This song about the Boston Red Sox is no exception, but it is exceptional."

U2, "Mysterious Ways" (Track 2): "A source close to the band once told me that 'Mysterious Ways' is their favorite song that they've ever done. There's no mystery as to why."

The Smiths, "How Soon Is Now?" (Track 3): "Whenever I go to LA I wander down into the Hispanic areas to hang out with Morrissey's Latin fans. The last time they even gave me a makeover. ¡Hola, mi homies!"

OutKast, "Hey Ya" (Track 4): "Even though I haven't listen to rap since '2 Legit 2 Quit' (I think of that song as the black ESPN), I think it's the most vital form of music alive today. I really respect the energy and anger that rappers possess, and this song demonstrates that perfectly."

Little Feat, "Willin'" (Track 5): "Lowell George was one of the greats. Like the fat part of a bat, music has a sweet spot, too, and Little Feat has always made solid contact with my heart."

Guitar Wolf, "Jet Blues" (Track 6): "I've been trying to get Ichiro into Guitar Wolf ever since he came into the league. Not only are these guys Japanese like him, but music is the true international language."

Pearl Jam, "Corduroy" (Track 7): "Believe it or not, Eddie Vedder wrote this song about me. I used to be well known for my corduroy suits in the '70s, and Eddie and Stone Gossard — who are good friends — found this hilarious. The line 'I would rather run but I can’t walk' is in reference to my then-skepticism of on-base percentage."

2 Twisted Crew, "Strike Da Match" (Track 8): "Tim Kurkjian is really into this style of music called 'grime,' which is, as far as I can tell, British hip-hop. I'm not totally sold on it, but this song is my ringtone right now, and it's pretty great."

Sandfrog, "Same Old Song" (Track 9): "Scott Spiezio and I have always bro'd down on rock music. He likes hard rock a lot more than me — aside from AC/DC and Opeth, I can't really get into it — but I really like this song of theirs. Scott can really sing. We always joke about starting a band and calling it Designated Hits. Maybe someday."

Fairport Convention, "Reynardie" (Track 10): "One of my all-time favorite bands. Sandy Denny is a goddess, and for years I've wanted to meet her. Hey Sandy, if you want to catch a game, give me a call!"


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Hey Pete, you look like Robert Plant in that photo!

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