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Every once in a while, some mouth breather on the BBTN set makes a big ol' ass of themselves without knowing what they're talking about. That's when we go ... BUY THE BOOK! Here's today's word!

club·foot (klŭb'fʊt')

1. A congenital deformity of the foot, usually marked by a curled shape or twisted position of the ankle, heel, and toes. Also called talipes.
2. A foot so deformed.

club'foot'ed adj.

clubfoot or talipes (tăl'əpēz') , deformity in which the foot is twisted out of position. Maldevelopment is usually congenital, although it can result from injury or disease (e.g., poliomyelitis) after birth. It can affect one or both feet. Often the foot is twisted downward, with the heel and toe turning inward, causing only part of the foot—the heel, the toes, or the outer margin—to touch the ground; walking is difficult or impossible. Correction can be made in infancy by manipulation, braces, and casts; in severe cases only surgery can correct the condition.

a) "[Jim] Mecir was born with two clubfeet. As a child he'd had operations to correct them but he still walked with a limp. Somehow he had turned his deformity into an advantage. His strange delivery -- he wasn't able to push off the mound with his right foot -- put an unusually violent spin on his screwball. The pitch had proven to be ruthlessly effective against left-handed hitters." (Michael Lewis, Moneyball)

b) "ESPN Baseball Tonight analyst John Kruk tried to contact Jim Mecir on Monday to apologize for comments he made about the Marlins reliever on Sunday's show.

Kruk, apparently unaware that Mecir was born with club feet and walks with a slight limp, questioned the Marlins for bringing in what appeared to him to be an injured pitcher.

Mecir, who gave up five runs in Sunday's loss to the Padres, is not injured." (Clark Spencer, Miami Herald, May 17th 2005, by way of Baseball Primer @ Baseball Think Factory)


Blogger Brett said...

I yelled at the TV when he said that, along with when he said "Manny Ramirez makes his teammates better", or when he said earlier in the week that "Derek Jeter is arguably the best player in the game because of all the intangibles he brings". Dude is a total moron.

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